A54440 Web Pass-Thru Anchor, 4 ft.


Product Spec A54440.w
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Description Pass-Thru Yellow Polyester Anchor 4 ft.
Category Anchorage
Application Wrap Around Beams
Webbing Yellow, Abrasion-resistant Polyester
Hardware Two Zinc-plated Alloy Steel D-Rings
Length 4 ft.
Weight 20.8 oz (1.3 lbs.)
Style Temporary
Attachment Type Pass-Thru
Tensile Strength 5000 lbs. / 22.2 kN
Anchorage Point Capacity Minimum 3600 lbs. / 16 kN
Capacity 1 worker weighing less than 310 lbs. (including tools)
Standards ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007
Included None
Previous Part # A544

A54440 works as a versatile anchorage connector that is easy to use and lightweight.  Pass-through design is simple to install as an anchorage connector and can be used almost anywhere an anchorage point is needed.  D-ring accommodates standard ANSI Z359.12 compliant, double-locking snap hooks and carabiners. For use with steel beams, columns and structures capable of withstanding at least 5000 lbs. anchorage point capacity minimum. Please note: This pass-thru anchor is not a shock absorbing device.

 Other lengths available:
Part #: A54330 – 3 ft. Pass-Thru Anchor
Part #: A54660 – 6 ft. Pass-Thru Anchor